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Joint Graduate School in Dairy Research and Innovation

Welcome from the Director

Professor Russell Snell

The New Zealand dairy industry provides wonderful opportunities for future employment.  It is the largest exporter, earning approximately 26% of the country’s income.  Dairying, of course, is not just about grass and cows (although they are important), it also encompasses the development and application of advanced technologies and business practices.

Recognising the need in the industry for well educated, highly skilled individuals, The University of Auckland has partnered with Dairy New Zealand Limited (DairyNZ), Livestock Improvement Ltd (LIC) and AgResearch to form the Joint Graduate School in Dairy Research and Innovation.  The aim of the school is to ‘educate future leaders of the dairy industry’ through facilitating post graduate study in relevant areas.

Undertaking a research project with one of our partner organisations in an industry-relevant topic will give students insight into the industry and may open doors for employment.  You may be surprised how your undergraduate degree could lead onto a postgraduate qualification and employment in the dairy industry.  The dairy industry employs people with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, and rapid on-farm advancements in manufacturing and product development means there are great opportunities for students to be trained in state of the art methods.  Please do not hesitate in getting in touch with either myself or the industry partners if you are interested in undertaking an MSc or PhD and we will try to find a project that will fit.

I hope you will consider joining the Joint Graduate School in Dairy Research and Innovation for your postgraduate research experience.

Professor Russell Snell
Director Joint Graduate School in Dairy Research and Innovation